Thursday, February 21, 2019

New Approach

A conversation I had with my brother yesterday gave me the idea to explain my system in a different way.

Something like (WARNING: Super-big mouthful coming up):

The 8 Major Conversational Tones is a system 
that codifies the intentions of 8 defined types of communication 
into objectively measurable conversational metadata.

What do you think? Does that make more sense than previous attempts to explain the heart of it? Or is that too condensed for an elevator speech?

Because the point of this project is that, in a world where functional conversations have largely been replaced with cash-grabs and persuasion, it can be hard to find the facts in an industry where propaganda is selling like hot cakes.

So, looking at it from a consumption perspective, it could be said the 8 Major Conversational Tones codifies what's being served in any source's conversational nutrition offerings.

Is their language:

  • looking for answers? 
  • selling answers? 
  • ready to fight? 
  • keeping real to what they know? 
  • sharing what they've been told?
  • etc.

If the information you consumed throughout the day were scored like nutritional labels, what does your intellectual diet look like, based on your current chosen sources?

This would be akin to what the 8 Major Conversational Tones system codifies.

For a while now, I've been trying to figure out a way to communicate the concept without being answered by polite friends answering me with blank stares--people who really want to understand what I'm laying out (while cutting me ALL the slack they can find)--coming up empty when it comes to catching my vision.

Hand-over-heart: They just don't really see it.

I mean, they kinda do. But, at the end of the day?

No. Not really.

So I need a new approach--one that is ALL show, and no tell.

And I think I've found a way to do it!

I think I've found an ALL-SHOW, no-tell way to reveal the 8 Tones to you by giving you a *very* interesting view on this upcoming election--one where you'll be able to start noticing and seeing some objective, measurable, predictable things happening real-time, if you choose to ride along with me.

If I get Step 1 in this demonstration right, I'm pretty sure this could become a full-time Patreon thing ... or some other platform that enables support.

I mention that because I am totally up for invested support, feedback, and scrutiny when it comes to developing a tool that objectively scores information delivery.

I believe the system I have can take the heat needed to refine itself into something I can easily teach. And this latest experiment would be to run with the hypothesis that the zeitgeist's commentary and feedback will bridge the gap between my perspicuity (ability to see) and perspicacity (ability to perform) when it comes describing this topic in n understandable a way where comprehension has eyes lighting up.

Gotta design a few things first, but please feel free to harass me if you don't see follow-up.

Because this is cool!

New Approach

A conversation I had with my brother yesterday gave me the idea to explain my system in a different way. Something like (WARNING: Super-bi...